I am a native to Kansas City, but visit every state in the US every day. Yes, being a National Mortgage Lender allows me to experience a piece of all of our great country daily. With a quarter century of Retail Lending under my belt, 15 of those years in Retail Residential Mortgage Lending, you’re in good hands. I don’t make home loans – I make dreams come true. What a happy day, moving into your new home. I understand that it can be a complicated and tedious process.  But when you work with someone with my experience and passion, it doesn’t seem so hard. Being the father of four wonderful children is the happiest part of life.  I understand time is precious each and every day. But this is what I do for a living, so allow me to do the hard work getting your home loan in place – you get ready to enjoy your new home. I look forward to working together.