Jennifer M. Whitmarsh

Sr Mortgage Banker
NMLS #1619573

I’m probably not what you think of when you envision someone in the finance sector of business. I come from a strong customer service background coupled with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. However, life has an amazing sense of humor, and somehow knew where I was supposed to land. I have found my “home” in the mortgage industry and wouldn’t change it for the world. Allow me to tell you why…

My business model is quite simple … Leave someone better than you found them! I have yet to find an industry that gives me the opportunity to do that more than real estate! I genuinely love what I do, and I am 100% committed to leveraging the vast menu of mortgage products I have at my fingertips to bring your family the biggest savings possible!

If you can endure a few of my bad jokes and the occasional comment praising my Philadelphia Eagles, we’ll get along great! Give me a call today!

Email Address
6525 W Campus Oval
Suite 225
New Albany, OH 43054