Jeremy Tarwater

VP, Residential Lending Sales Manager
NMLS #1482589

In approaching 12 years of experience in the financial services industry, I have developed the ability to build genuine relationships with my clients quickly. My goal with everyone I speak to and work with is to provide the best service possible, especially when helping clients make such big decisions such as a mortgage. With the knowledge I’ve gained in the time I have worked in the mortgage industry I am able to give clients the confidence they need to allow them to find the product that works best for their specific situation. Because every situation is different, it’s important to take the time to find the right solution with the borrowers best interest in mind while also being able to break down and provide easy to understand visuals of what is available for them. I take pride in being punctual and available for my clients at any hour of the day they need me.

Dear Mr Talkington,
I wish to let you know how pleased Sharon and I are with one of your First Home Bank people.

Being a boring old fart Army colonel that flew helicopters, I've had my experiences dealing with the good and the not so good. Jeremy ranks at the top of people that know how to get the job done while keeping the customer informed and happy.
Jeremy Tarwater is a swell fellow and first rate person that knows how to take care of a customer. He recently helped us with a refinance on our home in North Carolina. With that done and having some extra breathing space, we started looking for another home that really suited our needs and requirements since we are getting older and living on two-levels is challenging.
The search took us to the Dakota's, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Missouri, and Arkansas and at each stop, Jeremy would provide assistance regardless of weekday or weekend. As recently as last Saturday, he took time to give us an approval letter on a home that we found and I traveled to West Virginia to view Wednesday. We reached an agreement and I sent Jeremy the purchase contract and he, once again, is on top of things. Our plan was to buy, move, sell our home in NC and then refinance into a VA loan. Jeremy knows the ins and outs and a data bank of knowledge that he readily shares to ease apprehensions a customer might have or experience. With Jeremy at the helm, we did not have any worries.
We cannot express enough accolades about Jeremy and his willingness to go out of his way, day or night, to help a customer. He is extremely gracious and a real joy to work with when it comes to financing a home, which in itself, is very stressful. Jeremy makes you feel comfortable and holds your hand throughout the entire process. 
As a program manager, I wish First Home Bank would clone him so I could hire lots more just like Jeremy. I would not have any drama with my employees working overseas.
All in all, he is a valuable asset to First Home Bank.
You can rest assured that I will let my friends know about First Home Bank and your wonderful staff working to make home financing an easy and enjoyable trip.
Sharon and Lloyd "Buck" B.

Email Address
10800 Farley Street
Suite 100
Overland Park, KS 66210