Online Banking Disclosure


This Bank at Home Online Banking Agreement and Disclosure governs your use of First Home Bank’s (“Bank”) Bank at Home Online Internet Banking program. Throughout this web site the Agreement and Disclosure will be referred to as “Agreement”. By using Bank at Home Online Internet Banking, you agree to all of the terms of this Agreement. Please read it carefully and keep a copy for your records.

You or Your – The person(s) subscribing to our Bank at Home Online Internet Banking.

We, Us, or Our – Refers to the Bank, Bank at Homeand any agent, independent contractor, designee, or assignee of Bank, Bank at Home may involve in the provision of Bank at Home Online Internet Banking.

Business Day – Any calendar day other than Saturday, Sunday, or any holidays recognized by the Bank.

Business Day Cut-Off – For posting purposes, the bank will process all transactions completed by 2:00 p.m. on that business date. Transactions completed after 2:00 p.m., including transfers, will be processed on the following business day.

Privacy Statement – The Bank understands how important privacy is to our customers. We have taken steps to insure your security and privacy for your personal and financial dealings with the bank. Our customer privacy statement can be obtained via any Bank at Home Privacy Statement link or button throughout Bank at Home Online.

About Bank at Home Online Internet Banking

Bank at Home Online Internet Banking consists of an online banking web site that provides a complete array of financial services to its customers. Bank at Home allows customers to access their data for the current month and the previous month’s statements with complete transaction detail.

The Bank at Home Internet Banking program that is accessible by the Bank’s customers over the Internet currently consists of:

  • Account inquiries, balances, etc.
  • Transaction downloads to Quicken or Excel
  • Up to 2 months statements or transactions 
  • View detailed transactions
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Transfer payments to Bank at Home loan accounts
  • Non-Secure e-mails to customer service
  • One time and reoccurring account transfers

Internet Security Information

Bank at Home Online Internet Banking is part of a Network that utilizes a comprehensive security strategy to protect your accounts and transactions conducted over the Internet. In-depth information on many of the techniques and features employed by the system can be viewed and are explained in our Bank at Home Security Statement. In addition to our log-in security, we use the SSL (secure socket layer) encryption technology for everything you do in the Bank at Home Internet Banking system. Whenever SSL is securing your communications, the browser will typically indicate the “secure session” by changing the appearance of a small icon of a padlock at the bottom of the screen from open to locked. What this means to you is that your communications are scrambled from your browser to our servers at all times so no unauthorized party can read the information as it is carried over the Internet.

Log-In Security

Security is very important to First Home Bank. When you login to the service for the first time, for security reasons, we will supply an initial sign-on number and starter Bank at Home password. You will then be prompted/required to immediately select a new “Access ID” and “password” known only to you, before you can gain access to your accounts. WE URGE YOU TO KEEP YOUR PASSWORD SECURE & CONFIDENTIAL.

Please note that your new I.D. must have a minimum of 6 characters alpha or numeric and is case sensitive. Your new password is also case sensitive, must contain 6 – 16 alpha/numeric characters, two of which must be numeric.

Your session time is unlimited, but to help prevent unauthorized access and ensure the security of your accounts, we will end your online session if we have detected no activity for 15 minutes. This is to protect you in case you accidentally leave your computer unattended after you log on. When you return to your computer, you will be prompted to re-enter your password and your session will continue where you left off. Because your password is used to access your accounts, you should treat it as you would any other sensitive personal data. You should carefully select a password that is hard to guess. Keep your password safe. Memorize your password and never tell it to anyone. You may consider changing your password occasionally, such as every 90 days. This can be done at any time, after you are logged in, from the “options” menu.

Balance Inquiries and Transfers Limitations

You may use Bank at Home Internet Banking to check the balance(s) of your Bank accounts, make payments to and/or transfer funds between those accounts. There are no limits to the number of transfers from your accounts, unless restricted by the terms of the account, as defined in the “Important Account Information for our Customers Brochure”.

Balances in your account(s) may differ from your records due to deposits in progress, outstanding checks or other withdrawals, payments or charges. If you have further questions, contact a Customer Service Representative at (727) 394-2265, or fax us at (727) 394-2267, or email us via the website.

Special Information about E-Mail

The system includes a “contact us” button that will provide a means to communicate with us. This is not secure e-mail. Please do not send personal information (tax identification numbers, account numbers, passwords, etc.). Rather, please call us at the phone numbers above.

Notice of Your Rights and Liabilities

Notify us immediately if your Access ID and Password have been compromised, lost or stolen. Failure to notify us immediately could result in the loss of all money accessible by the password.

If we are notified within two (2) business days after you discover that your Access ID and Password have been compromised, lost or stolen, you can lose no more than $50 if someone used it without your permission. If you do not notify us within two (2) business days, and we can prove we could have prevented someone from using the Access ID and Password without your permission, you could lose as much as $500.

If your statement shows unauthorized transfers, notify us within 60 days after the statement is mailed to you or viewed on your computer. After 60 days, if we can prove that we could have stopped someone from taking the money if we had been told, lost funds might not be recovered.

Errors and Questions

In case of errors or questions concerning transactions completed with Bank at Home Internet Banking, do one of the following, as soon as possible:

1. Telephone Customer Service at (727) 394-2265; or

2. Write to Customer Service at First Home Bank, P.O. Box 4900, Seminole, Florida 33775-4900; or

3. Notify us using your PC through e-mail at

4. We must hear from you within 60 days after you receive the first statement or notification in which the error or problem appeared. Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Account Number (Only by US Mail, Telephone, or Fax – remember Email is not secure unless you select SECURE EMAIL on our Website or from an employee’s email.)
  • Description of the error or question, plus an explanation of why you believe it is an error or why you need more information.
  • Tell us the amount of the error.

We will tell you the results of our investigation within ten (10) business days after we hear from you. If we need more time, we may take up to 45 business days to investigate. If we choose to take up to 45 business days, we will give you a provisional credit to your account within ten (10) business days. If we decide there was no error, we will furnish you with a written explanation within three (3) business days after the investigation is complete.

Disclosure of Account Information to Third Parties

Information to third parties about your account(s) or the transaction(s) you make will only be disclosed if at least one of the following applies:

1. It is necessary to complete a transaction.

2. To verify the existence and condition of your account to a third party such as a credit bureau or merchant.

3. To comply with a governmental agency or court order.

4. If permission is given to us by you, which we may require to be in writing.

5. To collect information for internal use, the use of our service providers, and our servicing agents and contractors concerning our electronic funds transfer service.

6. It involves a claim by or against us concerning a deposit to or withdrawal from your account.

7. Where otherwise required or permitted under state or federal laws and/or regulations.

No Signature Requirements

When any payment or other on-line service generates items to be charged to your account, you agree that we may debit the designated account, or the account on which the item is drawn, without requiring your signature on the item and without any notice to you.

New Service

First Home Bank may, from time to time, introduce new Bank at Home Online services. We shall update this Online Access Agreement to notify you of the existence of these new services. By using these services when they become available, you agree to be bound by the terms contained in this Online Access Agreement.

Virus Protection

First Home Bank is not responsible for any electronic virus or viruses that you may encounter. We encourage our customers to routinely scan their PC and diskettes using a reliable virus product to detect and remove any viruses. Undetected or unrepaired viruses may corrupt and destroy your programs, files and even your hardware. Additionally, you may unintentionally transmit the virus to other computers.

Governing Law

This Agreement and the account or service you are accessing via Bank at Home will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida.


This Agreement may not be assigned to any other party by you. We may assign or delegate, in part or whole, to any third party.


Terms and conditions of this Agreement may be amended in whole or part at any time within 30 days written notification prior to the change taking effect. If you do not agree with the change(s), you must notify us in writing prior to the effective date to cancel your access. Amendments or changes to term(s) or condition(s) may be made without prior notice if they do not result in higher fees, more restrictive service use, or increased liability to you.

Secret Security Question & Answer

Please provide us with a Security Answer and Question. This Security Answer will be the secret code used to identify you for security purposes. NOTE: The answer does not have to be a “logical” answer, just a response known only to you. For example, if the question (created by you) was “What is your favorite fruit?” Your response might be “Purple”. It is important that you remember the Security Answer.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement supplements any other agreements or disclosures related to your account(s), including the “Important Account Information for our Customers Brochure”. If there is a conflict between this Agreement and any others, or any statements made by employees or agents, this Agreement shall supersede.